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Download Page

In this page, you will find user manual and specification for part of our products, you could download it as your need.

1.  Download the catalogue of EU-106 smart ultrasonic flow transmitter meter  

2.  Download the catalogue of EU-107 integrated ultrasonic flowmeter transmitter

3.  Download the catalogue of EU-108 separated ultrasonic flowmeter(Explosion proof flowmeter measurement & Panel-mount flowmeter)

4.  Download the catalogue of EU-109H portable handle ultrasonic flow meter measurement

5.  Download the catalogue of Flange type Flow Switches

6.  Download the catalogue of FS-25 smart Paddle Flow Switches

7.  Download the catalogue of GE- 102S Ultrasonic Sludge Interface Level Depth Meter

8.  Download the catalogue of GE-103P Ultrasonic Depth Meter Echo Sounder

9. Download the catalogue of GE-103G GPS Ultrasonic Depth Meter Echo Sounder

10. Download the catalogue of 71-x Portable Multi-parameter Water Analyzer

11. Download the catalogue of GE-104P Portable Flow Current Velocity Meter

12. Download the user manual of GE-1202 Ultrasonic Level Meter

13. Download the catalogue of GE-115 Electromagnetic Flowmeter

14. Download the catalogue of GE-131 Multi-Parameter PH ORP Conductive Temp Meter

15. Download the catalogue of GE-132 PH & OPR Analyzer Monitor Meter

16. Download the user manual of GE-132 PH & OPR Analyzer Monitor Meter

17. Download the catalogue of GE-133 Conductivity Analyzer Monitor Meter

18. Download the catalogue of GE-134 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

19. Download the user manual of GE-134 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

20. Download the catalogue of GE-135 Luminescent Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

21. Download the catalogue of GE-136 Acid Alkali Concentration Meter

22. Download the user manual of GE-137 Residual Chlorine Analyzer Monitor.

23. Download the catalogue of GE-137 Residual Chlorine Analyzer Monitor

24. Download the catalogue of GE-138 MLSS Suspended Solids Sludge Concentration Meter

25. Download the catalogue of GE-139 Turbidity Monitor Meter

26. Download the catalogue of GE-201 Industry Pressure Transmitter

27. Download the catalogue of GE-202 Flush Firm Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter

28. Download the catalogue of GE-204 LED Display Industry Pressure Transmitter

29. Download the catalogue of GE-206 Adjustable Pressure Switch

30. Download the catalogue of GE-208 Adjustable Pressure Switch

31. Download the catalogue of GE-301 FDA Water Flow Sensor

32. Download the catalogue of GE-302 Brass Water Flow Sensor

33. Download the catalogue of GE-303 Plastic Water Flow Sensor (1/2"|3/4"|1"|1+1/4").

34. Download the catalogue of GE-305 FDA Water Flow Sensor (1/2"|3/4"|1")

35. Download the catalogue of GE-310 GE-311 GE-313 FAD Plastic Flow Switch

36. Download the User Manual for GE-311 Paddle Flow Switch.

37. Download the catalogue of GE-312C Barded Fitting Flow Switch

38. Download the catalogue of GE-313 PTFE Teflon Paddle Flow Switch(corrosion proof resistant flow switch)

39. Download the catalogue of GE-313PD PTFE Teflon Paddle Flow Switch with T-valve

40. Download the catalogue of GE-314 Small Size Smart Stainless Steel Flow Switch

41. Download the catalogue of GE-315 Adjuatble Paddle Flow Switch

42. Download the catalogue of GE-316 Explosion Proof Paddle Flow Switch

43. Download the User Manual for GE-316 Explosion Proof Paddle Flow Switch

44. Download the catalogue of GE-317 Small Size Brass Flow Switch for water heating

45. Download the catalogue of GE-319 Explosion-Proof Insert Paddle Flow Switch

46. Download the catalogue of GE-340AD PVC Paddle Flow Switch with T-pipe

47. Download the catalogue of GE-341 Two-way Bidirectional Paddle Flow Switches

48. Download the catalogue of GE-342 Adjuatble Piston Flow Switch

49. Download the catalogue of GE-360 Oil Moisture Transmitter

50. Download the catalogue of GE-378 Explosion Proof Temperature Transmitter.

51. Download the catalogue of GE-511 Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch

52. Download the User Manual for GE-511 Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch

53. Download the User Manual for GE-512 Differential Pressure Switch

54. Download the catalogue of GE-515 smart Brass Solenoid Valve

55. Download the user manual for GE-652 automatic filling water valves

56. Download the catalogue of GE-920 smart Air Differential Pressure Transmitter

57. Download the user manual of GE-921 air differential pressure flow switch

58. Download the catalogue of GE-922 Smart Gas differential pressure flow switch

59. Download the catalogue of GE-923 Air Differential Pressure Transmitter with LCD display

60. Download the catalogue of GE-1205 Radar Level Transmitter Meter

61. Download the user manual for GE-1208 Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

62. Download the user manual for GE-324 LED Display Thermal flow switch

63. Download the catalogue of Magnetizer Hard Water Conditioner (water softener)

64. Download the catalogue of GE-105 Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Measurement.

65. Download the catalogue of MF-57 Thermal Gas Flow Meter.

66. Download more intrduction about Polyacrylamide PAM purifying agent

67. Download the catalogue of GE-374 Air Flow Velocity Transmitter(Air Flow Velocity Measurement Meter)

68. CE certificate for the Ultrasonic Level Meter, Ultrasonic Depth Meter, Flow Meter






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